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Summer breeze from Dayton, Ohio

In July last year, a group of Americans visited us in the warmest heat on a Saturday morning. The group came from Dayton, Ohio (organized by Szochnut) and their members enthusiastically sat through the prayer and the kiddush with us, … Continue reading

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Documentary screenings in the USA

We got to the point, where our film was releasable. Like a fledgling trying it’s wings, the film took off on the Budapest Jewish Film Festival, in the presence of the chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of the United States. The premiere was … Continue reading

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How to Produce an Argumentative Research Report

How is it possible to own Final Cut Expert on Windows? Listed here is a look at the possibilities you want Cut Pro and have in case you are operating Windows. Windows Problems Final Cut Pro is more than a … Continue reading

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Research, publications, documentary and a conference

Research: Remembrance and Entertainment With the cultural grant support of the European Commission called ‘Active European Remembrance’, we could make an old dream of ours come true: to reach the last living generation that can still tell the tales of … Continue reading

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Follow up

One might think, Teleki is asleep, if one only checks back to this blog occasionally. In reality life is thundering around Teleki, and it is quite a challenge to summarize it up in a blog post. I was putting off writing … Continue reading

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Tu biSvat – Rabbi 40!

This year’s Tu biSvat, holiday of the trees was special. Apart from the almost traditional Teleki fruit seder, the lasagne and gorgeous chicken wings there was another reason to celebrate. The reason there was, that this year it was also … Continue reading

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Chanukah ’12

We had another hilarious Chanukah party. As part of the event we installed a brand new, computer controlled Chanuka security fence on the entrance door, we hed tombola, and a great time. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

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Glaser 100

Mr. Gláser, or as his family and closer acquaintances called him, Juci Bácsi (cca. Uncle Judy) was born of the day of Jom Kippur on the 22th of September 100 years ago. He stopped attending Teleki 5 years ago from his … Continue reading

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EU Grant WON!

After wrinting many offers for EU and other international grants, at last one of them succeeded! Our offer for the EACEA “Action 4 – Active European Remembrance” program is the biggest, most thourough material we created, with it’s 61 pages documentation, and … Continue reading

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Medal of Uncle Judy

Jakab Gláser, Juci bácsi (~Uncle Judy) name giver of our NGO would be 100 years and on 22 September 2012. On this occasion he was posthumous awarded a governmental medal of honour. More: Posthumous medal “Great Cross of 56’s Fidelity for … Continue reading

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